All of our cats have found their forever homes.

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Cats for Adoption



This is Fred. He is a loving 6 year old handsome gray tabby. We believe he would make a great addition to any family.  We are unsure how he gets along with dogs, but he does very well with other cats. He's an in-your-lap type of cat - he loves attention! Fred is on a special Royal Canin diet that has to be maintained, but other than that he is a sweet and easy to care for kitty. He is too young to live life in a cage! Fred is Alaska's comfort cat, and ideally the two will go to the same home.


Alaska - ADOPTED

This is Alaska.  He is a Ragamuffin who was rescued from a hoarder with 84 cats.  He's never been outside and is poorly socialized, so he needs a very special home.  Alaska was sent to Atlanta to a rescue group on a Pilots n Paws flight with Dr. Shannon.  Sadly, no one was able to touch him and he was scheduled to be euthanized.  On the next flight, Dr. Shannon brought Alaska back so that we could try to work with him and find him a forever home. He is about 5 years old and is making slow but steady progress.  Fred is Alaska's comfort cat, and ideally the two will go to the same home.



Pita is a very good boy!  He was relinquished to us from an elderly couple who couldn't care for him, and now he needs a good home!  You can often find him in Diane's office looking for attention or taking a catnap.


Noelle - Adopted

Noelle is our newest kitty up for adoption.  She arrived on December 1st, 2017, brought in by a good samaritan who saw her get thrown out of a car in Tampa.  We checked her over and, amazingly, aside from being covered in some kind of oil, Noelle was a healthy six-week-old kitten.  The person who brought her in was unable to keep her, so we have taken responsibility for her care.  She is still undergoing a bit more evaluation, while getting some much needed TLC.  Noelle is a delight to have, and we will surely miss her when she moves on to her forever home.